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oil painting market conditions and investors hold time to comprehensive appraisal

According to "economic information daily" reporter body odor, art Canon China's auction "high yield" series of artists have zhou chunya, HongLing, QiuDe tree, Liu Yanshao, grace tan poi chiew, XiaoFeng and Duan Zhengqu, etc. Whether you know them, and in recent years, their works on the market of oil painting auction guidelines are also on the works of parabolic - all had arrived at the market auction price parapet, fell back to the low current, and even some back to the seat 10 years ago.
Hypothesis from the perspective of capital market, the investment has always pay attention to bottom, pay attention to buy low sell high. And oil painting art market chose it is long-term has mark, so chase high more unwise investment, is more important to investors on the dips. As for the claim that "15%" a year, also still matter from oil painting market conditions and investors hold time to comprehensive appraisal.
The price has a rising trend
Preview is truly paintings auction every day, every day to see, but bare out, "estimates more than 100000" high yield "upcoming", "Shanghai work value feature, every year's 15% gain the most fitting for investment" auction, it is a matter.
According to the ya chang target surface, in the autumn of 2016, HongLing oil painting works for an average of 35000 yuan each flat feet, with an average of almost four years ago this flat; In 2014, his works at the cost of the envelope of recent years - $70000 per ruler. In addition, zhou chunya ChiYu spending series today on price falls to 450000 yuan. Cheng autumn sales overseas, and 2012 years the hand surface paintings "2010 combat frequently beginning in full bloom" clinch a deal valence nearly 140 million yuan. With the approximate and QiuDe tree's works, the average price of 2016 also fell to 10000 yuan, this is almost a decade ago the price level. Several other artist's work value direction, generally also if anyone from draper dipped to a low oil painting reproductions , the current low in reverse of the female flowers.
Art market in the recent low. Recently, the global auction market and because Chen Rong $340 million to clinch a deal the six by the fire. But to deal with this kind of collection, and for a lot of people can only look bleak.
According to the afternoon of ya chang data rooms, art oil painting art home HongLing auction in 2016 for an average of 40000 yuan per flat feet, with the price of 2013 nearly equal; In 2014, its work age two season auction for an average of 55000 yuan each ruler; From 2013 to 2014, the yield of nearly 38%. So, will probably achieve earnings, still have to follow the custom oil painting market hopes to see.
From some of these artists of auction index not embarrassed in recent years, zhou chunya, Liu Yanshao, QiuDe tree and the developmental auction purpose, have a tendency to the dips back; The auction target XiaoFeng, Duan Zhengqu and grace tan poi chiew is still low.
Price is parabolic
Oil painting
Assuming that the art market also has a bear market, the fraudsters rotation, then use the stock market contemplation, comprehensive buy both in the low buy valuable works is not without principle.
Art collection or equal to buy right, figure I like; Or is the local tyrants sale price is high, buy beautiful structure. While ordinary investors more see paintings heavy often lots to appreciate space and investment potential. Catch up with the "gain of 15% every year," artificial has attracted quite a deposit as soon as possible. Exactly is who works so promising? How they oil painting work price movements? The current really worth the investment?
According to the annals art market report 2016 oil paintings reflect, in 2016 Chinese oil painting market gradually to a rational, the ego "bottomed out". Contemporary calligraphy and painting, market heat continue to landing in 2016, clinch a deal the quantity, turnover year-on-year decline 32.68% and 16.65% separation. From the point of clinch a deal after, ancient calligraphy and painting the voting continued weak semaphore.
Oil painting.

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